A web without cookies!

And without any ads, scripts, trackers, whatsoever.


Aren't you anoyed getting bombarded with these endless cookie-consent mazes trying to disable all tracking just to read an article? Websites knowing everything about you, taking forever to load, because they have tons of analytics and "OPTIMISATION" scripts? What if i just want to get my information, distraction free?

What is our mission?

We believe in a web and internet which really cares about your privacy (and not just says so) and enables you using it without being the product. We want to provide a free plattform for creators, to provide a barebone version of their website, without dynamic scripts, plain old HTTP.

What are the benefits for publishers?

When publishing under our .no-cookies.net domain you ultimately build trust for your customers and users, show them you really care about their privacy and rights. We set strict rules for using our services and enforce them so every visitor can feel safe. You still keep your normal website (with ads, tracking etc if you want). You can automatically redirect visitors not using javascript from your site to the no-cookies version so they can experience seamsless surfing, while your main page can use all kinds of interactive elements. Instead of presenting privacy aware visitors a broken incorrectly version of your js-depending site and avoid frustated customers trying to use your page.

What are the benefits for visitors/website users?

You experience a lightweight working version of a version and won't see any messages like "Oh, you need to enable javascript to use this", insted you'll be automattically redirected to the no-cookies version which loads faster, due to less extra-stuff being loaded, is simple to use and works everywhere. It will use less data and battery, as your browser won't have to document everything you do, and you can completey eliminate any worries about tracking, websites hacking you or using your computer to mine any currencies, as these technologies required for it, are not used by a no-cookies website.

Any questions?

We are more than happy to help and get into communication. You can contact us via no-cookies@timedin.net or any other methods mentionend on Keyoxide.

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